How to ROOT Android Phone Using ROOT 360 Apk (2023)

Have you ever heard about One Click Rooting? So what is one click rooting and how we can perform it ? Let’s see in next 5 minutes. 

One click rooting is the process where you can able to get root access of your smartphone phone in few clicks. Mainly one click rooting points to the process where third party android application is used to root your phone.

How to fix kingroot Stuck at 1

We can see serval applications like Root 360, kingroot, iroot,that claims they can root android phone without computer. But the drawback of this type of apps is you can’t root higher version of android ie Android 6,7 and Upper. But This method perfectly works on android version 5 and 4.

If you followed every step carefully there will be a 99% chance to successfully root your Android Phone(4-5) but in some cases may face a boot loop or soft brick. So i will not be responsible for your bricked device.

How to fix iroot failed

If you get stuck or have questions at any point, simply send me a message on INSTAGRAM or join our telegram group.

Ok, Let’s See how to root your android phone using Kingroot.

Well, My name is CK, and I make videos about how to root android. you can find me on youtube where we have 15k+ subscribers. so I personally tested this method in my android 5 and surprisingly its working. 

So let’s jump into the topic “ROOT 360 Apk”

How to i rooted My android 12 samsung m21

What is ROOT 360 Apk

ROOT 360 is an android application from Chinese developers which can root your android phone within 2 minutes. By using this application you can root your android 5 and below. In fact i personally rooted my 1st smartphone using ROOT 360 which was based on android 5.

Root 360 application was developed by Chinese developers so you have to use it with Chinese language. 

Does ROOT 360 Really Work ?

Yes, if you are using android kitkat or lollipop you can easily root your android phone using root 360. But you can’t root higher versions.

Pros of ROOT 360 Apk

  • Can root android in few clicks

Cons of ROOT 360 Apk

  • Chinese language 
  • Unwanted popups and notifications from app
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